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10 Common Website Problems

common website problems - noteKeep customers looking at your site – It should be Making you money!

We all know that a website is a fantastic marketing tool for any size of business, it completely levels the playing field and allows all businesses to be visible to all markets whether local, national or global.  They really should be giving a positive return on investment.  Maybe this will explain a few things if you are not in that position with your web presence..

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If you have been feeling frustrated that your website hasn’t been bringing in as many potential customers as you had hoped then there is probably a flaw with your current design. Common reasons why a website is not performing include:

2929redcrossYou can’t be found: Adequate SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is key to your website’s success! There is no point in being online if you cannot be found!

2929redcrossHard to Navigate: We tell people this time and time again – but, if visitors to your website cannot easily find their way around it, they will simply go elsewhere! Website designs should be well structured.

2929redcrossLoads Slowly: This is highly frustrating for the web user! Make sure that you have a website that loads quickly or else they may get bored and leave.

2929redcrossNot avaliable on Mobile Phones: In this day and age so many people are browsing the internet with their mobile devices. If your web design isn’t viewable on these smaller screens then they will not be able to read about you! Get your website Mobile today!

2929redcrossHard on the Eyes: if your website is loaded with too much information or is visually displeasing and does not fit in with your company branding, then it will put potential customers off.

2929redcrossNo call to Action: Another one which we will mention again and again. You want visitors to your site to take action and contact you NOW!

2929redcrossNo Email Capture: Without this you have no way of getting back in contact with those who do visit your website.

2929redcrossUseless content: Content needs to be kept up to date and be relevant to the reader, if not then you may loose your customers trust.

2929redcrossNo Social Media Links: To help you connect with potential customers, it is important to make it apparent that you are avaliable on social networking sites and to include these links on your website.

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