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10 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid

Is Your Current Website Working for You?

Web Design Mistakes to avoid - sticky noteA poorly designed website can put potential customers off! As a business, you need to make sure that visitors to your site are staying and hopefully making an enquiry or purchase!

There are many mistakes that many businesses make with their website design. Your online presence is paramount to your business success so let us explain to you some of the top things to avoid doing:

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There are so many mistakes that are made with a website’s design that are so easy to avoid. To make sure that your website is working for your business it is important to avoid these simple errors:

2929redcrossNo Contact Details: Visitors to your website are more than likely going to want to know where you are and how to get in touch.

2929redcrossPoor Navigation: If your website is hard to navigate then most visitors will give up almost immediately! This means you are sending away many potential customers or clients.

2929redcrossToo Flashy/Cluttered: It is very important to make sure that key information is easy to find.

2929redcrossNo Social Icons: Your website should have Icons/Links to all of your Social Networking profiles in order to get visitors to your website to also ‘follow’ you on these platforms.

2929redcrossNo Fresh Content: If your website appears out of date then potential revenue is lost due to visitors getting a bad impression. Keeping your website up to date helps you connect to your customers.

2929redcrossNot Engaging Visitors: Not only is it important for your content to be fresh, it should also be engaging. Otherwise you will be losing potential customers when they click away due to boredom!

2929redcrossNo Clear Call to Action: A ‘call to action’ is a way to get visitors to your site to turn their interest into an action, such as picking up their phone, filling in an enquiry form or making a purchase. Having this apparent on each page of your website means getting them to take action whilst they are already thinking of you.

2929redcrossNo SEO: No Search Engine Optimisation means that the amount of people who can actually find your website is dramatically decreased.

2929redcrossNot Collecting Email Addresses: It is vital to try and get potential customers to leave you their email address, as this can then be used for future marketing purposes. It is a great way for a business to target already interested members of the public.

2929redcrossNo Results Tracking: If you are not keeping track of the results from your website then it is impossible to know how well it is working for your particular business – making it very difficult to make appropriate changes.

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