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Does Your Website Need Updated?

update your website - sticky memoAre you not getting the results you hoped for from your company website? Perhaps you feel the site is not up to scratch and sending customers the other way.

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Unfortunately you need to have more than just a website in today’s online world, you need to have a professional, good looking website that engages users and actually brings you business.  Actually just like the video says having a terrible website is as bad (or possibly worse) than having no website at all.

At the very least a website should have…

  • Engaging content with real value.
  • Useful tips and fresh, helpful content that pleases users.
  • A clear path for visitors to follow.
  • Conversion tools to get the best from each visit.
  • Contains a strong Call to Action.
  • Easy to find contact information.
  • Easy to find opening hours (if applicable).
  • A lead capture process.

If your site has none of these you are probably suffering from a common situation where your website is costing you money.

Unfortunately it will not be bringing you many customers either but instead sending them to your competitors website, taking your profits with them!

This is a serious dilemma, however, one that is easily rectified by having a professionally developed website.  So  give us a call today for a free website analysis and quote by contacting us or calling

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