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Is Your Website Costing You Money?

sticky-note---earn-moneyWe Can Help You Turn Your Profit-Draining Website into a Profitable One!

Your website should be there to make, not cost, you money! Please watch this video to find out what the difference is.

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An ‘expense’ website:


Offers to value to visitors: if your website does not give people the information that they are looking for then they will simply click away – loosing you potential profit.

2929redcrossHard to Navigate, visually displeasing: If your website is ugly or hard to navigate, again visitors will just go elsewhere.

2929redcrossNo Conversion tools: Your site needs to be able to convert visitors into buyers if you want it to be profitable.

2929redcrossNo call to action: You want those who go online to act now! This means enquiry forms and contact details need to be apparent.

On the other hand, a profitable website will:

tinygreentickGives information visitors want and need: If the information is current and relevant then potential customers will stay on your website which gives you more of a chance to convert them into profit!

Ctinygreentickonverts to Buyers: There is no point in a website if it does not turn viewers into customers.

tinygreentickVisually pleasing: Along with keeping information up to date and relevant your website should be anaesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

tinygreentickRepresents you: Any website should fit into your company image / branding.

tinygreentickEasy to find contact details: This is vital to any profitable website. If your contact details are readily available then it will make potential customers or clients more likely to get in touch.

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