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What! You Don’t Have a Website?

Why your business really needs a website..

benefits of business website - sticky noteThese days, one of the best ways to advertise and market any business is on the Internet.


Well,because people whether looking for a service or something more global turn to the Internet for information.  Very few people now rely on advertising like the Yellow Pages™ or Thomson Local™. When you have a website local people and others all over the world,  can see what your business is all about with just a few strokes of the keyboard.

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The benefits of a business website.

Traditional advertising fails to bring in business like it used to, back in the day we could sling £1000 per year at Yellow Pages™ for the pleasure of being advertised in their directory alongside all our competition.  Indeed there are plenty of online directories that do the same thing, but nothing works like having your own space on the internet for getting your message across and here’s just a few reasons why…

tinygreentickYou can stop spending a ton of money on advertising methods that no longer work like they used to.

tinygreentickYou are visible locally and nationally to people that are searching for exactly what you provide.

tinygreentickBuild credibility – no website = no credibility

tinygreentickShowcase your products & services.

tinygreentickCapture lead information simply and easily.

tinygreentickSell products straight from your website if you wish.

tinygreentickSo much more…

If you want to have a custom website created especially for your business at a price that may surprise you,  give us a call today for a free website analysis and quote by contacting us or calling

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Remember, if you don’t make an effort to establish a presence for your company online, your competitors are. Guess which company consumers will trust and appreciate more?  If you’re ready to get started, call us today!